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Nominate the Next Candidates for ABCT Office

The ABCT Leadership and Elections Committee invites you to nominate yourself or colleagues for the offices of President- Elect (2017–2018), Representative-at-Large and Liaison to Membership Issues Coordinator (2017–2020).


Candidates for the position of President-Elect shall ensure that during his/her term as President–Elect and President of the ABCT, the officer shall not serve as President of a competing or complementary professional organization during these terms of office; and the candidate can ensure that their work on other professional boards will not interfere with their responsibilities to ABCT during the presidential cycle.

Electioneering is prohibited on the ABCT List Serve and Facebook page.

Please complete and sign this nomination form. Only full members, fellows, and new member professionals can nominate.

Send your form to David Pantalone, Ph.D., Leadership & Elections Chair, ABCT 305 Seventh Ave., New York, NY 10001 by February 1, 2017

Or email the signed form to Subject line: NOMINATIONS



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