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ABCT is seeking a Web editor to assist in updating material in, and developing policies for, its Web site. The position is funded with an honorarium. The role principally involves helping to develop content for the Web site and reviewing the site and navigational structure to ensure it remains best suited to our audiences. Technological knowledge is less essential, and the web editor is not expected to post to the site or otherwise take on the function of a web master. The web editor is expected to help facilitate content making the web relevant to professionals and lay people alike.

Web Page Mission Statement

The Web page serves a central function as the public face of ABCT. Informational and resource activities are directed toward three conceptual groups:

  • Members—with emphasis on providing an interface for many of the administrative functions of the organization, including conference information, dues, public listing of therapists, etc.
  • Nonmember Professionals—to advertise the comparative efficacy, diversity of styles, and methods of cognitive-behavior therapy, with additional information on training opportunities, available syllabi, and new findings in the scientific literature.
  • Consumers—to provide information and treatment resources on disorders and their treatment, with emphasis on the style, “feel,” and efficacy of cognitive-behavior therapy, as well as information on additional issues that consumers confront in treatment (e.g., combined treatments, relapse prevention, etc.).

Web Page Strategy Statement

The Web editor will need to liaise with associate editors, periodical editors, committees, and SIGs for content. Such content includes:

  • Diagnosis-specific information pages (e.g., information on depression and its treatment)
  • Efficacy information (comparative, combination treatment issues)
  • The “feel” of cognitive-behavioral treatment
  • CBT, BT, DBT, RET . . . what is in a name?
  • Recent research findings
  • Position statements—regarding issues in the field (to clarify what our organization stands for)
  • Speakers bureau
  • Links to publications
  • Helping media find the right person to discuss a topic
  • CBT curricula
  • Featured therapist of the month
  • Research funding available
  • Learning opportunities
  • Educator directory (helping other disciplines find CBT instructors)
  • Mentor directory

The Board has directed that staff redesign ABCT’s web site. Candidates can participate in this redesign and/or concentrate solely on the maintenance. Candidates can help with the navigational structure, but needn't worry about aesthetics or appearance.

How to Apply

ABCT members interested in applying for this position should contact David Teisler, Director of Communications, ABCT, at The deadline for applications is July 31, 2017.


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