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No More Mr. Negative

The New York Times recently ran an article discussing the origins of, and cures for, negative thinking. We are, the article postulates, "built to over learn from negative experiences... and under learn from positive ones" as an effective way of avoiding saber tooth tigers, and more recently, poisonous plants and wasp nests. Most of this, though, is now maladaptive behavior. One psychologist cautions that merely trying NOT to worry is precisely the wrong approach, saying "worry and obsessions get worse when you try to control your thoughts." Think Pink Elephants. Now, don't. They go on to suggest mindfulness and acceptance as effective techniques, and offer another piece of advice: Actively FIND the positive.

To read the article, see For more on Worry, see; for more on obsessions, see; to find a CBT Therapist, see; and to learn more about the therapeutic experience and how you can benefit from it, see

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