Confronting Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety often starts sometime between middle school and college, just at the time when adolescents are moving into adulthood and into broader, new social settings.

It affects about 12% of the population, and often takes more than a decade for a sufferer to seek treatment, if at all.

Kathy HoganBruen explores the disorder and how CBT addresses them. It's a great refresher for those wanting to understand how CBT works and how it might be used to help a person overcome social anxiety.

One section discusses exposure: taking little steps like making eye contact, learning to interrupt, or practicing returning a shirt that doesn't fit, all the way up to adult tasks like opening a bank account or asking for a loan.

Another section, on mindfulness, looks at anxiety and action. The hope is to remove anxiety but, even if we're still anxious, to do what we want to do in spite of it.

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